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Ready for the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Far Coast Blue Pine furniture is designed for Far Coast, Coca-Cola Company's official coffee brewer of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Far Coast is the brand that inspires social and cultural connections - freshly brewed one cup at time. The products were manufactured at University of British Columbia Centre for Advanced Wood Processing.

Far Coast Furniture

My role

Industrial Designer in collaboration with

The Coca-cola Company logo

My goal was to design a furniture collection that is sustainable, elegant, and culturally diverse in a relaxing social environment to promote the Far Coast brand. I developed the design concepts in a team of four to manufacture furniture that people use every day. My deliverables include rapid prototyping (foam core, cardboard, and pine wood), AutoCAD drafts, ergonomics, user research, user testing, and case scenarios.

Manufactured products

Lounge chair

Lounge chair

Blue Pine wood

Black, Orange, Blue

Coffee table

Coffee table

Blue Pine wood

Black, Orange, Blue

Community table

Stand-up table

Blue Pine wood

Black, Orange, Blue



Lounge chair

Height: 82.6 cm (32 1/2 inches)
Width: 63.1 cm (24 5/6 inches)
Depth: 61 cm (24 inches)

Coffee table

Height: 41.9 cm (16 1/2 inches)
Width: 50.2 cm (19 3/4 inches)
Depth: 50.2 cm (19 3/4 inches)

Community stand-up table

Height: 94.6 cm (37 1/4 inches)
Width: 213 cm (84 inches)
Depth: 70.5 cm (27 3/4 inches)

Ready to assemble


1x backrest
1x rear support
1x seat pan
1x short side piece
1x long side piece with arm rest


2x long screws
2x short screws
1x metal bracket
8x metal dowels pre-installed
2x short bolts
6x long bolts


1x table top
2x pairs of legs


Metal dowels pre-installed
Short bolts


1x table top
1x leg support
2x pairs of legs


14x metal dowels pre-installed
14x short bolts

Assembly instructions

Lounge chair

  1. Loosely attach backrest to the rear support. Do not fully tighten screws yet.
  2. Attach metal bracket to the bottom of the rear support.
  3. Attach the backrest to the seat pan.
  4. Place the short side-piece without armrest on its side, attach pieces together.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other side.
  6. Fully tighten rear support screws from step 1.
  7. Metal dowels are re-installed. Insert long bolt from sides on all four locations. Align long bolt through hole of metal dower, then tighten bolt.
  8. Insert long bolts at the two locations in front into pre-installed metal dowels.
  9. Attach bolt from the bottom of back support into pre-installed metal dowels. Repeat on the other side of the chair. Assembly is complete.

Stand-up table

  1. Flip tabletop upsidedown. Attach legs at each ends. Place cardboard or other soft material between tabletop and ground to protect tabletop.
  2. Insert two short bolts on side of the legs into pre-installed metal dowels located at bottom of tabletop frame. Repeat on all 4 corners.
  3. Insert short bolts on side of tabletop frame into pre-installed metal dowel on bottom of legs. Repeat on other leg.
  4. Insert two short bolts on side of legs into the two pre-installed metal dowels on bottom of the leg support. Repeat on other side. Flip entire table over. Assembly is completed.

Industrial design process


Strategic framework

The furniture collection reinforces the brand’s ability to warm people up individually and collectively. The physical design aspect is required to be economically manufacturable primarily by UBC’s woodworking facilities. The lower the cost the bigger the option for higher volume production.


According to the provincial government of British Columbia, the mountain pine beetle has been eating its way through BC’s forests for years; leaving millions of dead and mainly lodgepole pine trees.

The furniture collection is using B.C. mountain pine beetle material to support West Coast communities devastated by the pine beetle as the result of global warming.

Far Coast

Design requirements

The furniture must be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, knock-down, and can be ship in compact state where it is easy to disassemble for reshipping. The final product must be easy to assemble by untrained workers.

Lounge chair and low cofee table

Create a “new concept” that is low, comfortable, and suitable for relaxing while enjoying a hot beverage. Paired with the Far Coast chair, the coffee table must be used for a safe place to set down a hot beverage as the chair does not include that function.

Stand-up community table

Approximately 8’ long, intended for people to be able to rest at with their hot beverage. It should be suitably stable enough for leaning against. The intention of the large size is to promote socialization between different guests sharing the table. It is also required to support a large size patio umbrella.


Rapid prototyping

I made sketches, small scale foam models, and full scale wooden prototypes. Models were refined to get the best proportions needed.

Ergonomics testing

An adjustable seat jig was created to get the perfect ergonomic angles and measurements. Many options were tested to remove any aesthetic compromise over assembly and strength.


Inspired by the Far Coast logo

The chair’s unique asymmetrical back support pattern invites playfulness that allows for a variety of arrangements. The asymmetrical design of the chair allows two variations to be manufactured with minimal added costs, while adding various configurations to create more unique settings for display.

3D rendering

Brand connection speaks to social nature of coffee as a gatherer around the cup

The design captures the brand essence; colour and style. My aim is to help build the Far Coast and 2010 Winter Olympic brand and to help create the ambiance and feel of Far Coast “warming zone”. My goal is to inspire and facilitate social interaction and cultural connections and maintain a design style across all furniture elements.

Assembled by workers

Ready to assemble on-site for Far Coast workers

Used only dimension lumber to stay within the manufacture budget and to be assembled through ready to assemble hardware. The chairs and tables are flat-pack assembled for ease of production and transportation.


The Far Coast Blue Pine furniture was used in major Far Coast venues and installations in the Athletes Villages, various Olympic stadiums, and throughout Whistler and the Lower Mainland during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Approximately 100 Olympic outdoor lounge chairs, 70 community stand-up tables and 30 coffee tables were manufactured at University of British Columbia Centre for Advanced Wood Processing.

Far Coast

"Far Coast is thrilled to do its part to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games with our Blue Pine Furniture Partnership."

Chris Terrio, Managing Director of Brewed Beverages, Coca-Cola

"The Far Coast beverage company comments, the 'Blue Pine' furniture partnership will leave a legacy of sustainability, innovation, design, creativity and collaboration, while supporting communities devastated by the pine beetle."

Debbie Travis, Columnist of Vancouver Sun Newspaper (Friday, February 2, 2010)


Industrial Team

Industrial Designer Tina Kao
Industrial Designer Sheila Tse
Industrial Designer Nick Santillan
Wood Engineer Luke Opacic

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