The SKY web portal management system is designed to process sale order, manage client accounts, and perform finance for our distributors, resellers, and agents.

Agents or Owners meet their customers, sell service, and troubleshoot. They require three things; sales, accounting, and financing. Agents create sale, subscribe to a service plan, process and confirm orders, and offer optional BYOD with additional features.

Creative Director

System Design

I worked as Creative Director at a startup, Secure Enterprises. I identified pain points, design, and iterate on different solutions.

  • Company: Secure Enterprises

  • Product: SKY web portal management system

  • Role: Creative Director (UI/UX Design)

  • Collaboration:
    CEO, Director of Software Development, Support team, Developers, Resellers, Distributors, and Agents

  • Deliverables: System design, AI, user flow, UI, logo, icons, and layout

  • Software Tools: Adobe (Ps, Ai, Id, Dw), Sketch, Principle, InVision, and OmniGraffle

  • Date: July 2016

Sale order system

Steps to make a transaction

Step 1: Create a sale

  • Create a sale or create an account. SIM card is required to process a sale.
  • Type in the SIM card - this is driven by SIM card.
  • The subscription service plan will be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months International or local in Canada.
  • We validate if it is correct; ATT (worldwide), Telefonica (worldwide, might be europe, China, and Macau later), and Rogers (Canada only service), etc.
  • Step 2: Purchase device

  • Skip to step 3 if BYOD.
  • Put in IMEI.
  • Select a hardware models from a dropdown.
  • Step 3: BYOD
    Step 4: Additional features

    Select camera, voice, PGP synchronized vault, and WiFi features using checkboxes. Certain countries has certain features disabled.

    Step 5: Check out

  • Show summary of process order, including the price and money amount for the hardware.
  • Enter discount for any subtotal.
  • Show taxes if application and option tax rate. Allow users to manually modify the tax rate, since different cities have different tax rates.
  • Step 6: Invoice confirmation
  • Show BES ID and BES Activation Code.
  • ECC PIN and ECC Activation Code.
  • Recap subscription information.
  • Finance

    Finance features include

  • Agent needs to know how much they owe to their reseller on agent’s point of view where they need to make payments at end of the month. Show profits on how much they have sold, as well as revenue, cost, and tax.
  • Show activation renewals in the statement. There are different profits if paid on mobile or web portal for renewals.
  • User accounts

    User accounts features include

  • Table listing “PINS” aka “ECC ID” and “Expiration date”. These are the two most important to see in the table.
  • “Allowed to contact only” — only allow to contact certain list of contacts.
  • If the SIM card is mismatched, show a "change SIM card" button with the timestamp for when it is fixed or changed.
  • “Wipe device” button erases everything.
  • User can change to a different device using the “reactivate Sky” button in case if the database gets corrupted or the client broke their phone. This gets a passcode to enter in their device, therefore to setup a device.
  • After the user change their SIM card, let them "reactivate Sky" or "reactivate Sky and BES" if applicable.
  • Inventory

    Inventory feature include

  • Sale processed.
  • BES ID is only for agents usage.
  • Credit charge transaction.
  • Item cost.
  • Reporting page with filter option.
  • Customer’s IOU, which is their own debt.
  • We retail and always have to sell the same devices.
  • Manually type in the tax.
  • Tracking number of shipping.
  • Agents sell new device and blank SIM cards - we don’t sell used.
  • For mobile, it must be able to scan IMEI and populate the sales form. The user can add cost for the hardware - similar to a purchase order.
  • Sketch