The global market for tableware is projected to exceed US$41 billion by 2020, driven by consumer interest in social dining with family and friends and growing sophistication in the fine dining.

Expanding population, rapid urbanization, and burgeoning middle class drive demand for tableware. The growing importance of food presentation and styling as the most important finishing touch to culinary skills is benefiting its sales. Preference for small meal portions spurs demand for smaller dishes and plates.

The opportunity to create a unique product in the dinnerware industry challenged my exploration of investigation on the performative potential of ceramics, with an emphasis on art and the mass-produced objects. This led me to design and construct a collection of appetizer dishware used for social gathering.

  • Role: Industrial Designer (self-initiated)

  • Product: Porcelain Ceramic Plates

  • Made in: Vancouver, Canada

  • Date: 2014



Chefs not only think about what utensils are most effective in the kitchen, but what kind of tableware will help put the finishing touch on their work of art.

Home owners

The growth in the market also supported by favorable demographic factors and the marked preference for at-home entertainment and the ensuing increase in the frequency of hosting lunch and dinner events at home.

Event or party hosts

Smaller dishes and bowls for small plate menus and concepts encourage community style dining, especially if the decor allows for bench style seating. Current shift towards more small-plate food items or an emphasis on moderate alcohol consumption.

Design Process

Above image: the final prototype was made from a flexible plastic sheet material to be plaster molded. The prototype was then buried to the seam and ready for cottles.

Focusing on the aesthetics and methods of mass-production.

Understanding form processes and establishing control of the material through hand-building methods, followed by an increased focus on mold-making and industrial slip-casting methods.

Food research of appetizers, culture, and communual events.

Research, brainstorming and ten design concepts were developed of each idea.

The Outcome

Simple floral arrangement plates and serving pieces, suitable to use at restaurants, events, and homes.

The elegant form that was inspired by flower petals allows users to place the plates in various floral formations and enhance the flexibility of both arrangement and use. This conversational and human interactive piece inspires curiosity in biological forms found in nature while complementing the vibrant colours of the food.

The organic curve fits comfortably in one’s hand and is stackable to maximize storage space. Set of twelve white porcelain plates. Dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe to 360 degrees.