To create a sense of body movement through fantastic educational and sustainable products for little girls while promoting the Ivivva brand.

Ivivva is a youth brand which was founded by Lululemon Athletica in 2009. Created by lululemon for its younger clientele, Ivivva focuses on creating athletic sportswear for active girls ages 6–14. Ivivva’s clothes are designed for young girls in a wide variety of athletic pursuits such as dance, running, yoga, ice skating, gymnastics and on-the-court sports.


My goal as an Industrial Designer was to design chandeliers to display expressions of movement that will be rotated seasonally in Ivivva stores.

Sketching, research, and rapid prototyping.

  • Client: Ivivva, a Lululemon Athletica Company (NASDAQ: LULU)

  • Team of Industrial Designers: Tina Kao, Sheila Tse, and Kathleen Westerhout

  • Product: In-store chandelier display

  • Date: January - April 2010

The Challenge

Design requirements:

  • Safety - suitable to be placed alongside low watt bulb.
  • Simple, not competing with the space or product.
  • Transparent - allow for negative space so that sections of the store are still visible.
  • Ability to disassemble and re-assembled with instructions provided.
  • Must have the feel of body movement and give character of girls.
  • 16 through the eyes of a 12 year old.
  • Sustainable and repurpose objects.
  • Only images and objects, no words.
  • Have elements of repetition.
  • Get attention, being educator of sustainability.
  • Create image of what they want to be.
  • Fashion statement.
  • Be cool. Education is "Behind Scene".
  • Give sense of empowerment.
  • Ivivva brand is its own product: stretchy pants is the #1 seller.

The Outcome

The products were rotated seasonally and used to tie-in the products and themes being featured in Ivivva Athletica stores in Vancouver, Calgary, and Victoria.

This chandelier design ties closely with Ivivva's philosophy — to encourage tweens to move and exercise. The chandelier form expresses energy and activity with the use of hula hoops.

Hula hooping burns 200 calories in 30 mins! Not only it is fun for children and adults but also provides many health benefits.

Hula Hoopin’ is designed to change the way tweens think about waste — to see the value of used material as a new product or commodity.

By committing ourselves to reuse more materials and to buy more recycled and recyclable products, we are conserving energy, preserving natural resources, and reducing air pollution and green house gases emitted into our environment.

The chandelier can be enjoyed well after it is dismantled and replaced. The hula hoops can be given to Ivivva guests who make a purchase, for example, over $200.