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Operations are huge quarterly updates containing a ton of new content including Tour of Duty rewards, ranking system rewards, new heroes and villains, new modes and new maps.

The strategic goals for in-game web features is to influence players to go back to the game and play, grind to unlock rewards, and earn digital game currency.

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My role

I align with game messaging and design extended web in-game stats and reward progressions. I create user experience value propositions that includes feature summary, hypothesis, goals, and guiding principles, target users, business impacts, and measure of success. More about me.

Player motivations


Motivational foundation to play

Upon Xbox research, we asked players why they play games and the most common answer is “because they’re fun”. Motivations for playing games are different between groups of players; hardcore social, engaged/lapsed, and engaged/immersed.


  • Learn how to become a better player.
  • Discovering anything that's new.
  • They want to explore new worlds. Players come for the story and ambiance.
  • The story and gameplay locks gamers in.
  • Sensation seeking where bleeding-edge graphics and visceral gameplay facilitate immersion.


  • Hardcore socializers game every day, 9+ hours per week.
  • Gears is a part of Gear-Heads' social lives. They play it a lot and they want more.
  • They don't want to be left out when their friends are playing.
  • Gears connects players to a community of friends. They're very engaged in multiplayer and have great interest in co-op campaigns.
  • They're significantly more motivated by winning than any other type of player.


  • Want level of success.
  • Want material possessions and rewards.
  • Valuation measured by points.
  • Want recognition and prestige.
  • Track their success.


  • Feel good while performing better than others.
  • Feel the pure joy of competition regardless of wins or losses.
  • Gears offers levels of mechanics to master from active reload to cover surfing.
  • Gears unique PvP and PvE modes offer different types of competition.

Rewards value proposition

Strategic goals

For players who want earnable rewards, lets them track their progression on the go. Players will become more aware of the content we offer and will be motivated to grind or spend to that reward, driving game play and retention.

What makes it unique?

Players will never miss out on rewards. They will be able to see objectives and accept greater effort to rank up to reach the next level. Players will have a harder time to throw away all their hard work. Drive the need to gain more Gear Points and Coins.

Goals and guiding principles

  • Fast access to information about their Rank on their mobile.
  • Progression is compelling and feels special.
  • Never miss out on rewards.
  • See objectives and accept greater effort to rank up to reach the next level.
  • Shows current rank.
  • Players will have a harder time to "throw away" all of their hard work.
  • Sees progress bars and owned/unowned rewards.
  • Drive the need to gain more Gear Points and Coins.

Problems to solve

  • Players cannot see what rewards the game offers when they are away from the game.
  • If we do not show Ranked rewards in Operation 4, players may not notice that a New Rank System exists when they are away from the game.


If we add Ranked rewards, players will be more likely to engage with the new Ranking System starting in Operation 4.

Primary benefits

  • Increase exposure, game engagement, and revenue.
  • Track on the go.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Grindable with chase.

Business impacts

Market expansion; inform, increase exposure, game engagement, revenue, and shareable URL. Increase visitation to the Rewards page and direct players to go play the game and make transactions. Help improve player versus player (PvP) retention and player sentiment.

Ranking System on web

In Ranked Versus, your rank is determined by the number of Gears Points (GP) you have. The more GP, the higher your rank. Everyone starts in Bronze with 0 GP, so you'll need to fight your way up the ranks by earning GP in matches.

  • Easy to understand of earning Gear Points from wins, kills, and other efforts to rank up.
  • Ranked rewards on entry are from Bronze to Masters.
  • Grand Master rank allows players to compete to be among the best 100 players in the world in each of Gears' Ranked playlists. They will receive heroic weapon skin rewards at the end of the season.
  • By adding this feature online, more players will continue to play and compete after reaching Masters

Graduation and season rewards

All playlists have the same rewards from Bronze to Master.

Versus Ranked

Play matches against similarly skilled opponents for the ultimate reward at the highest.

Information pop-up

Inform users how to play ranked.

  • Compete against teams of similar skill.
  • Earn Gear Points (GP) each match to climb up.
  • Premade teams play at the highest member rank.
  • Max 1 tier difference enforced for Diamond and up parties.
  • Climb the ranks by match wins and individual performance.
  • Operation 5 Ranked Versus
    Ranked Versus specifications

    Tour Rank

    Tour of Duty contains earnable exclusive customization to Gears 5. Complete daily objectives or Tour medals to earn stars. Every star gets you closer to the next rank. Rank up to unlock exclusive rewards. Tour rank goes from Recruit I to General and evergreen.

    Tour Medals

    Tour Rank states
    Operation 5 Tour Rank
    Operation 5 Tour Medals


    Players are able to view their stats for various modes; Versus, Horde and Escape. Encourage players to show off their Stat Card images of their in-game stats to the world on their social platform. Go in-game to customize banners and character skins for your Stat Cards. HTML 9:16 Stats Cards for Versus, Horde and Escape. Click or tap on "share" icon flattens the layers into 4:5 image for social sharing.

    Stats user flow
    Stats popup
    Stats overview
    Stats versus
    Stats classes
    Stats maps
    Stat cards specifications


    Web Team

    UX/UI Designer Tina Kao
    Sr. Producer Carolina Smith
    Web Producer Jim White
    Associate Producer Ryan Serbet
    Lead Software Engineer Karl Romanowski
    Software Engineer Sarah Nicholson
    Software Engineer Karl Castillo
    Software Engineer Fernando De Bem
    Content Publisher Marko Djordjevic
    QA Lead Mashal Pannu
    QA Lead Stephen Golding
    QA Tester Lincy Charles
    QA Tester Artem Chaykin

    Business Intelligence

    User Researcher Cornelia Laros
    BI Manager Vanessa Hung


    Lead PvP Designer Jonathan Taylor
    Lead Multiplayer Designer Andrew McKenzie
    Lead Game UI Designer Joshua Trusz
    Director of Communciations Dana Scissons

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