About Gearspop.com

Gears POP! is a spin-off video game of the Gears of War series for mobile devices based on Funko's POP! toyline. The game is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game launched on August 22, 2019 with over 4 million players and was an Apple "Game trend of the year" nominee.

My role

Determine core features to support a casual mobile game audience. Present MVP features, specific competitive landscape features, designs and explain my thought process to key Stakeholders. More about me.

Website launched on November 2018

Site supports a casual mobile game audience of 10+ age. It introduces an around-the-clock game experience, short-burst gameplay, and a quality cinematic trailer that is satisfying for Gears fans.

Design goals

Convince Xbox Games Marketing for The Coalition web team to build gearspop.com by showcasing high-fidelity prototypes. We took this work with a timeline for the soft launch date.

Build awareness and be a channel to acquire users and support performance marketing efforts within a tight timeline for the soft launch date of October 2018. 


I presented MVP version of the site that meets all requirements and does not hinder our ability to scale up to next phases of the site.

  • Identify riskiest assumptions and the smallest experiment to test these assumptions.
  • Sell vision to early adopters (customer group).
  • Identify features to be included or not in the MVP.
  • Research how competitors monetize actionable insight.
Gears POP! on mobile devices

Design process

  • Pitch MVP features

    Determine core features to support a mobile game audience.

  • Wireframes and user flow

    Interactive design walkthrough meetings with Lead Engineer and Stakeholders.

  • Copy and image sign off

    Address any final revisions on FAQ and Support from support flow design.

  • Mockups

    Three revisions.

  • Stakeholder sign off

    Xbox Senior Global Brand Manager, Senior Marketing Director and Director of Communications.

  • Assets and User interfaces

    Images and user interface assets locked.

  • Launch features

    Gearspop.com 2018

    • Soft launch
      • Coming Soon
      • Live soft launch on Apple Store
      • Available on Google Store
    • Worldwide launch
      • Newsletter sign up flow
      • Support submission flow sends ticket to support@gearspop.com
      • Hero auto-play trailer on desktop and still image on mobile
      • Embedded YouTube trailer and plays upon user activation
      • Gameplay screenshots linear scroll on mobile if more than three assets
      • Links to social media accounts
Teenagers playing Gears POP! game on their mobile devices

Mobile game customer group

Understanding our end users, goal and vision for our web to identify features that are essential to delivering the best outcomes for our MVP. Early adopters will be used to obtain feedback on the MVP and determine the strategic direction of further product development.

Mobile gamers that actively seek out new games from mobile gaming websites, reviews, and mobile game developers.

Delivers and supports:

  • Teen age group
  • Fun and around-the-clock experience.
  • Pick-up-and-play mobile product.
  • Satisfaction for Gears fans.
  • Short-burst gameplay.
  • Snippets of cinematic camera work.
Diagram of building a slice across design layers


Test website hypothesis with minimal resources, starting with no CMS requirement. Site should be:

  • Beneficial for customer purpose.
  • Minimum but valuable features.
  • Pleasurable user experience.

Competitor web features

Competitor features

Core features prioritization

MVP features

User flow

User flow


  • Attract and appeal visitors towards our funnel, keep them stay longer and deeper to other pages.
  • Skeleton screens, leaving the impression of a fast loading time.
  • Marketing micro-copy. Media components include Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) announce trailer and gameplay screenshots.
Gears POP! on desktop for global launch
Gears POP! on mobile for global launch
Gears POP! news
Gears POP! news on mobile

Sign up for newsletter

  • Newsletter sign up flow for Gears POP! news and receive information, tips, and offers.
  • User flow for signed up, not signed up, and opting out.
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) announced trailer and gameplay screenshots.
Sign up


Inform about Gears POP!, download, play, platform availability, and iconic Gears characters.

Support Form

Form fields and successful submission messages.


  • Link to social media accounts.
  • Link to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Microsoft Store for game download.
  • Microsoft footer; region language picker and legal links.
Gears POP! FAQ for global launch
 Gears POP! on mobile support form
Gears POP! support form submission received on mobile
Gears POP! menu

Web styleguide

Designed suitable for the target 10+ age audience. It's very bright and colorful that shows the theme of the game.

Gears POP! guideline



UX/UI Designer Tina Kao
Sr. Producer Carolina Smith
Web Producer Jim White
Lead Software Engineer Karl Romanowski
Software Engineer Sarah Nicholson
QA Tester Artem Chaykin


Sr. Xbox Brand Manager Nicole Fawcette
Sr. Xbox Product Marketing Manager James Yin
Director of Communications Dana Sissons

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