Gears of War is an award-winning and billion-dollar AAA title video game franchise that has redefined the third-person shooter genre.

Gears of War is a video game franchise developed by The Coalition, and owned by Microsoft Studios. The franchise is dark toned and intense and includes Online Co-op, Horde Mode, Versus Multiplayer, and stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4. Available worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Web UX/UI design

I translate Gears of War franchise game features to web for desktop and mobile, as well as redesign the site – including both the user flows and the user interface. I partner with the Web Product Owner, Web Producer, Lead Developer and contribute to the scoping and planning of each milestone. I present my designs and explain my thought process to the Web Team and Key Stakeholders, and iterate based on feedback.

Responsibilities include:

  • Drive users to purchase, push our conversion goals, and reduce bounce rates.
  • Determine call-to-action priority and increase content discoverability.
  • Attract and appeal visitors towards our funnel, keep them stay longer and deeper to other pages.
  • Deliver user research, competitive landscape research, sitemaps, wireframes, information architecture, intuitive user flow between websites, and high-fidelity prototypes on all screen sizes.
  • Optimize accessibility and test designs.
  • Design personalization, give users more control, build excitement, loyalty, connection, and long-term relationship.
  • Present action and deliverables.

The nature of this work is confidential.

  • Company: The Coalition, Microsoft Corporation

  • Product: Gears of War franchise website

  • Role: Web UX/UI Designer

  • Collaboration: Web Product Owner, Web Producer, Director of Communications, Software Engineer Lead, Business Intelligence Team, Full Stack Developers, and Software Test Engineer

  • Deliverables: User research, wireframes, user flows, information architecture, rapid prototypes, web design guidelines, and UX/UI/CX

  • Software tools: Adobe (Xd, Ai, Ps), Microsoft Azure, and Axure RP

  • Date: March 2018 - Present